Ostriches have suicidal tendencies


I went and saw Prince of Persia today. I’ve played the game and even though the plot wasn’t the same, I still really liked it. If you just want to watch some action, then it’s definitely a lot of fun.

At first I had a little trouble buying Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince, but as the movie went on he got more believable. I also liked that Gemma Arterton took up a sword more than once, so she wasn’t just portrayed as some totally incapable damsel in distress. And I was also pretty happy that there were still a lot of acrobatic elements in the film, I was afraid that it’d just be a token amount.

Although, I have to say, that I was really annoyed at the use of Papyrus typefont in the opening and closing scenes. I mean Papyrus!? Come on! It’s like Avatar all over again. What is it with these guys and Papyrus? Ok, that was my little rant, of course other than that the movie was good. Oooh and the previews, I must see The A-Team! 😀


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